Indonesian Community in Iceland is a nonprofit organisation whose goal is to promote understanding and friendship between Indonesian residents in Iceland and the rest of the population.

There are over 100 people of Indonesian descent currently living in Iceland, a country with a little over 230,000 inhabitants.

Moving from Indonesia to live in Iceland is a big change to most of us who live here. Not only from the climate point of view, but also in terms of culture and way of life. We aim to unite, express and address the interests and issues of Indonesians living in Iceland in order to make the transition a bit easier.

Our website contains information about us, issues we are working on and various projects we are engaged in. We also plan to publish news and announcements about any events relevant to our goals.

5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Saya ike tiora menikah sama orang islandia tahun 1994 saya ada rencana pindah ke islandia akir tahun 2017,saya pernah ke islandia bbrpa kali juni atau juli,saya mau cari teman orang indonesia yang tinggal di islandia,saya berharap bisa ketemu sama kalian,kvedja ike tiora


  2. Lagi bersih-bersih inbox email… kebetulan ngebaca email percakapan dengan Mbak @dyahanggraini tertahun 2012 (hampir 5 taun lalu), terus iseng-iseng klak-klik lagi, dan… wow!

    Kelihatannya sekarang blognya sudah banyak berubah dan lebih terorganisir ya, Mbak? Bahkan udah ada PPI Islandia juga. Keren banget! Bisa lebih mudah nih kalau mau main (dan “couch surfing”) ke sana lagi ;D

    All the best buat Mbak/Mas pengurus komunitas ini. Maju terus Komunitas Indonesia-Islandia! 🇮🇩👋😆👋🇮🇸


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